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Meet Sarah, Amy, and Jane. We're the Mums (or Moms) Who Mosaic. 


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A blog to get both educational and inspirational about all things Mosaic. 

Hi! Welcome. We're the Mums Who Mosaic.

We're a group of (mostly) mums who are passionate about all things mosaic - whether you're tiling your new bathroom floor, designing a kitchen splash-back, or want to kickstart a new artistic hobby; we have got you and your Mosaic Tiles Australia needs covered. 

Over the years we have closely bonded over our shared love and passion for mosaic. Mosaic typically refers to the assemblage of lots of tiny pieces of materials put together to form a pattern, picture, or art piece. This shared love is what brought us here today, on this platform. We're assuming it's your love for mosaic that has brought you here too! 

Together we've created a blog to cover techniques for mosaic, educate on the history of mosaic, and showcase some of our favourite traditional and modern mosaic pieces. We put a lot of love into this blog, so if you have any questions, queries, thoughts or something to add - please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.