How To Mosaic: A Guide for Beginners

Mosaic art can be difficult to master from the very beginning. There is actually a lot of planning, setting up, and organisation involved. This guide will break down the basics of how to put together your very first mosaic artwork – from sourcing supplies to execution.

Mosaics are a traditional form of craft that don’t take just half an hour – to put together a mosaic piece you need to have time, patience, and vision to create a cohesive pattern or picture.

You will need:

Mosaic tiles – We prefer to use glass block mosaics, mosaic stones, or pieces of tile that can be broken up with tile cutters. The professionals typically use wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms to make feature walls.

A baseboard – While mosaics can be completed on all sorts of items like picture frames, vases and plant pots, it’s best to start with a simple base board to get the hang of mosaic.

Grout – grout is necessary for filling in the areas in between the mosaic tiling. You need to also use gloves and a dust mask when handling grout and grout chemicals.

Tile glue – you can buy specialty mosaic tile glue for your mosaic art. This is recommended over regular craft glue as it will provide better stick.

Grout spreader – you can also use a knife or something similar to spread the grout out on.

A sponge or cloth to wipe the excess grout off with.

Mod Podge – to help create that seal on the surface before sticking the tiles on.

Step 1. Plan out your design. You can do this by tracing your art board on a piece of paper to get accurate sizing. Use this tracing to design your tiles to fit the space and have a play around with what you’d like your mosaic design to look like.

Step 2. Seal & glue. Once you’ve got your design ready to go, you first need to seal the board before gluing the mosaic tiles on. When gluing, you can either put glue on the back of each tile before sticking it down, or apply glue across the entire surface and just stick the tiles straight on as you go.

Step 3. Grout. It’s best to wait 24 hours for the glue to set before adding the grout. When you’re ready, you can add your grout by tipping it on to the top of the tiles, scrape it across so the grout goes down between the cracks, and then used a sponge or cloth to wipe it off the surface of the tiles while it is still wet.

Step 4. Polish. Make sure to immediately clean the surfaces of the tiles to ensure the grout does not cover them. Once your grout is nice and neat, leave it to set for another 24 hours.

And voila! You’ve created your first mosaic art piece!